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Skylight flashing is a term that applies to a wide variety of materials, usually rubber, plastic or most common metal, that acts to join the roof and skylight systems in a waterproof way.  Most leaking skylights in Minneapolis and St. Paul are related to flashing issues and not to failures in the glazing system itself.

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Skylights are either great or terrible depending on who you ask.  Yes, in the wrong location they can look ugly and yes, if not installed properly even the best skylight will leak.  We replace and repair hundreds of skylights a year around the Long island  metro area.  More often than not it is not the skylights fault.  The problems relate to the human that installed it. 
Do you have a leaking skylight? Or, how about a depressing room that could use more natural light?  No problem.  The people at Long Island  have been fixing and replacing bad skylights for many years and can diagnose what is going on pretty quickly.  We address these and other problems with skylights in Long Island :