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Chimney Cleaning & Sweeping

When should your chimney be inspected?


ENERGY TOP Chimney Dampers and Seal Tight Dampers are very easy for home owners to operate. A chain drops down the fireplace; a bracket is attached to the fireplace wall, keeping the handle easily accessible. A slight pull on the chain releases the spring-loaded top into the open position. When open, this chimney damper design is least obstructive to exiting smoke.
The ENERGYTOP  Chimney Damper is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum, meaning it will not rust or corrode. Mounting adhesive and hardware are included, making it easy to install.


Sometimes the damage to a chimney is so severe that the only reasonable option is to rebuild it. A chimney rebuild can consist of the entire chimney or just a portion of it, depending on the extent of the damage. Once the rebuild is done, we recommend waterproofing to protect your investment and to preserve the integrity of the chimney.

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The interior space of your fireplace where you burn wood, is called the firebox. Although the refractory mortar and firebricks used to construct this area are built to withstand high temperatures, over time, they tend to deteriorate. Sometimes the firebox becomes weakened with age and use or could be damaged as the result of a chimney fire. If you notice broken bricks or cracked mortar, our masonry experts can do a full or partial rebuild of the firebox so it looks and performs like new. Masonry repair is one of Imperial roofing and  Chimney Company’s specialties.

because the fire can no longer be contained within the flue. Homes built prior to the 1940’s were typically built without a chimney liner. As a result, chimney and house fires were more common. Today, there are a few reasons why you may need a new liner: If your chimney has no liner, if it was installed improperly, or if it’s deteriorating or defective.
There are three main types of chimney liners. These include clay tile liners, cast-in-place liners, and metal liners. All three types provide adequate protection but which liner is appropriate for your home, should be determined by a professional.Imperial roofing and Chimney Company can assist with this and ensure that your chimney liner installation goes smoothly.


Chimney Liners & Installation Services


Masonry work and repairs are often needed on chimneys and fireplaces due to fire damage, water damage, improper construction or poor maintenance. We offer tuckpointing, smoke chamber repairs, firebox repairs and rebuilds, plus chimney crown repair or replacement. We have several highly skilled masonry crews that do exceptional work in all facets of masonry repair.
Because of our exceptional quality, attention to detail and competitive pricing, our masonry services are in very high demand.

Chimney caps come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. They are typically made of galvanized metal, stainless steel and copper. Our copper chimney caps and stainless steel chimney caps provide a lifetime warranty. Imperial Roofing and  Chimney Company carries sizes to fit single or multi flues. We also have available custom chimney cap sizes for challenging installations. Chimney caps not only offer protection from weather and wildlife but add a nice architectural element to your home as well.
Without a chimney cap, animals and birds can make a home in your chimney, and major problems can develop. Too often, animals die in the chimney, resulting in awful odors, maggot infestation, and worse. If animals become stuck in your chimney, it can be costly to have a professional remove them. Additionally, nesting materials can cause blockages and are a source of combustible materials that can cause a chimney fire.

Why is itImportant  to Install a Chimney Liner?
Chimney liners serve as an extra layer between the inside of the chimney and the framing of your home.  This provides another layer of protection as common defects can appear in the chimney.  Defects, no matter how small, can begin a process that will further erode the chimney and can pose a threat to your family’s safety through the creation of health risks.  Poisonous gases could potentially infiltrate the home.
More importantly, combustible creosote or soot can also escape through these openings and build up outside the chimney flue liner. If the creosote were to catch fire in this area of your chimney, serious damage can occur, 

Cleaning your chimney is essential to keeping them running properly and safely. Hiring a reputable chimney sweeping company isimportant  when maintaining your chimney. If you notice a problem with your fireplace, such as bad odor, smoke leaks, or if you notice a tar like substance forming on the inner walls of the chimney, it’s time to have your chimney inspected by a professional. The tar like substance is called Creosote, which can accumulate in the flue, cause unpleasant odors, improper drafting and under certain circumstances, chimney fires. Creosote is unburned wood particles and condensed flue gasses that build up over time when chimneys have been neglected.


The ENERGYTOP  Chimney Damper is a low-profiletop  mounted damper that also serves as a chimney cap. It has the tightest seal of any damper in the industry. Heat loss up the fireplace chimney accounts for an average 8% of your home heating costs! Energy Top Chimney Dampers help prevent this heat loss so you can stay warmer AND save money.
The ENERGY TOP Chimney Damper is attached to the top of the chimney’s flue tile liner. In the closed position, it is virtually invisible from the ground. It provides a tight fit that seals in your heat and seals out weather, insects, birds and animals.